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Consigning drum sets at West Coast Drum Shop

Yes! We accept vintage and high-end drum sets on consignment at our shop. When your consigned item sells at West Coast Drum Shop, you will receive 67% of the net selling price, while we take care of the packing and shipping. We retain 30%, and the remaining amount covers processing fees. Additionally, we will list your item on our website and, if you choose, in our Reverb store. Once the item sells, we will mail you a check to your physical address or provide you with a trade credit equal to the selling amount.

Here are some important points to know about our consignment process at WCDS:

- All consigned items must be clean, showroom-ready, and fully functional, free from defects, cracks, broken parts, dirt, dust, tape residue, broken or useless drum heads, rust, etc.

- Typically, we consign rare, vintage, and high-end drum sets, and only very specific snares and cymbals

- WCDS reserves the right to determine eligibility for our consignment program.

- We will work with you to set a reasonable price range for your consigned item and strive to get you the best sale value. Due to space limitations, we usually advertise a 10% price reduction after the initial 30 days then continue to lower the price until it reaches the agreed-upon minimum or until it sells.


Other important considerations:

- Setting up a consignment takes time, so please consider making an appointment with us before bringing in your gear. We can still help you without an appointment, but please know must attend to our buying customers during our store hours and you will likely have to wait.

- Expect to fill out necessary paperwork and tax forms.

- All consigned items and property owners must be physically present in the store to participate in our consignment program; no consignments by mail are accepted.

- You can choose to opt into our Reverb program to expose your gear to a wider audience. However, additional fees may affect your payout percentage.


Also, consignment checks are written and mailed by the end of the month of sale, before the 21st of each month. If your item sells after the 21st, your check will be mailed at the end of the following month.


If you need instant payment or want to trade for another item of greater value, feel free to contact the store via phone or email with any additional questions.


For further assistance:

Phone: (425)-502-7029