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Woods Custom Drums 4-Piece 13/16/24/matching 8x14" Wood Hoop Maple Poplar 6-Ply w/ Rerings Natural Oil/Wax Finish Drum Set

13x9, 16x16, 24x14 and 14x8  Maple/poplar/maple (6ply) shells with re rings, Ayotte style wood hoops with 2 ply walnut inlays (steel/wood hoop on snare). C.O.B claws, Dunnett brackets and legs/spurs. Remo coated Emperor batters/Ambassador resos, reso tone/felt tone on kick. Natural oil/wax finish. Absolutely no expenses spared. One of the most incredible handmade kits we've ever seen. 1 of 1. In stock now!