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TAMA Mastercraft THE BELL BRASS 14"x6.5" Snare Drum

1980 turned out to be a defining year for TAMA. What has come to be iconic, almost mythical, the TAMA Mastercraft 14x6.5 Bell Brass snare drum launched into the market. The TAMA brand has never been the same. Now often referred to as “The Terminator,” this drum snapped the heads of drummers, engineers and music fans the world over due to its remarkable pure, sonorous tone and microphone-friendly acoustics. Genre-defining, heavy rock records of the 1980s incorporated this snare drum into their sonic tapestries. The snare sound was aggressive and punched through the mix with clarity; other music genres favored this drum as well, due to its warmth and sensitivity. In today’s market, the original TAMA Bell Brass snare drum is among the most sought-after in the industry. As part of the TAMA’s 50th Anniversary, TAMA will reissue this highly prized drum as part of their regular (not limited) product line. The 14x6.5 3mm Bell Brass incorporates a special blend of copper and tin to produce the seamless shell. This is the sonic magic, a thick, explosive tone capable of producing extremely high decibels. The tone also has a surprising blend of dampened warmth, overall dynamic range and sensitivity. Original hardware designs accompany this drum: Die-cast hoops, Roller Action Snare Strainer with extended snare wires, original design lugs and One-Touch Tone Control. The bell brass shell itself is hand finished in an aged verdigris patina and is affixed with the original-design Superstar badge, which pull-in other elements from the original shell. Faithfully reproduced to original specifications as much as modern technology allows, TAMA is proud to reissue the original masterpiece, THE BELL BRASS Mastercraft 14x6.5 Snare Drum. This long-awaited reissue enables contemporary drummers to obtain and play a piece of drum history.