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McIntyre 6.5x14 Stainless Steel Yellow Snare 10-Lug

McIntyre Drum Co. (Seattle, WA) specializes in heavy stainless steel snare drums that cut through loud music with ease. If you hit hard, these snares will be happy to take the abuse and transfer the energy out into the crowd and the mics. Heavy stainless drums are full of lows, mids and very present highs. This drum is no exception to that rule but also has a distinct, pure tone unique to McIntyre drums. To our ears, these snares ring just enough and the snare beds allow for excellent precision and sensitivity. Fitted with 10 tube lugs an INDe throw-offs, they are available in unique colors and finishes such as this bright yellow paint. Check out McIntyre Drum Co. on their website and social media pages: