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Dunnett 6.5X14 Raw Titanium Snare Drum

Titanium or Ti, the metal drum that put Dunnett on the map. These drums are like a cross between a good metal drum and a good wood drum with the results being better that the sum of the parts. Truly a desert island drum, one every working drummer should own.
The Dunnett Classic 14x6.5 Titanium Snare Drum (6514TI-R) features a titanium shell with straight bearing edges, 8 tube lugs, double-edge/double-flange hoops, Dunnett R5 throw-off, Dunnett Hypervent, 42-strand snare wires, Remo Coated Ambassador drumhead with Dunnett logo, raw titanium finish, chrome hardware, and Dunnett Classic badge. Includes Ahead soft bag with Dunnett logo.