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Savage Custom Drums 6.5x14” 5mm Cast Copper w/ Die-Cast Hoops Snare Drum 2022 Clear Coat

This Savage Custom Drums beast of a heavy copper snare snare has everything you like about a cast bronze drum, only with a slightly darker tone and a unique characteristic in the low frequencies.

Savage Custom Drums (Bellingham, WA) 6.5x14” 5mm thick cast copper with black hardware and die-cast hoops. Features super sharp 45 degree bearing edges and a Tama linear drive throwoff. Weighs close to 30lbs and sounds incredible. Comes with tube lugs, a black Humes & Berg Enduro hard case and a Snareweight M1. 
As of 6/24/22 this drum is on our sales floor and subject to minor shop wear