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NOS Ludwig 6.5x14 Joey Kramer "Hit Hard" Signature Engraved Black Magic Snare Drum

New Old Stock w/box!!
Unbelievably, Joey Kramer has been drumming with Aerosmith for 40 years, for which he surely deserves this stunning black beauty.

It's a limited production and each drum is hand-signed by Joey on an internal paper slip. The 14"x6.5" black nickel over 1.5mm gauge brass shell is gloriously engraved with dragons and complemented by the 10 black nickel-plated brass tube lugs and 5mm die-cast hoops.

The Joey Kramer has nylon washers under the tension rods. It features the same conventional throw-off - a familiar generic model - as the The Brick.

Joey Kramer's brass shell drum is physically much heavier and has a deeper, darker fundamental than Miller's steel drum. The die-cast hoops are potential stick-splitters, but enfold the sound more, so that although loud (the keystone badge says 'hit hard') the effect is less unruly than with the steel drum.

It has a fatter and warmer tone with more snare and less clank. It's expensive, but it looks fantastic and is refined, capable of a wide tuning and dynamic range. Tuned high or low it sounds good: tuned way high the enunciation was so clean it was a joy, while at medium tension there is a majestic, warm, thick snarey fatness - a stadium beater. Please note the small factory imperfection on the throwoff. Small white mark, totally smooth, not a gouge.