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LP Giovanni Hidalgo Compact Bongos LP828

This is a set of shop worn/open box compact bongos. Save a bunch!
LP utilized master percussionist Giovanni Hidalgo’s input to create the patented and award-winning design that allows easy placement with drum kits. The sound projects as well as full size bongos and can be played with sticks or hands.

Giovanni Hidalgo has played a major role in shaping the way the world thinks about hand drumming, and has played LP exclusively for his entire career.

Giovanni replicates sounds with his hands that drummers normally make with sticks. Ambidextrous, with faultless technical skills and superb musicality, he has created a style all his own.


  • Heads: 7-1/4" & 8-5/8" Evans Tri-center synthetic heads
  • Construction: Aluminum alloy
  • Drum key tunable
  • Mounting post fits most bongo stand bases
  • Stand sold separately (LP830B)
  • Matching congas available
  • Tuning wrench included
  • Shipped insured