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Orthopedic Drum Thrones Hipster Orthopedic Split Seat Throne Top Blue

O.D.T. - Orthopedic Drum Thrones

Custom hand-made Drum thrones to help you perform at your best!

Let's face the facts, every drummer either has a standard Circle shape throne top or the Saddle style. If you are performing and start having issue's like cramping, fatigue or pain you normally just have to deal with it. Very few drummers will spend money on both styles and very hard to switch out in the middle of a performance if pain starts to occur. We have solved that issue and more with our unique shapes named the "Gigster" & "Hipster."

The Gigster throne gives you the "Best of Both Worlds" with 2 different hamstring curves to accomodate everyones style and provide relief during discomfort with a simple spin of the seat. Also with our 5" OrthoLife Foam you can play your best and never bottom out or put pressure on your spine. If you need a little more relief or suffer already from serious spine and back issues then checkout the Hipster with a 1.5" Channel to help release spinal pressure while performing.

Most of us are sitting 85% of the day either working or playing music. This means we are all compressing and destroying our spines and careers no matter what or where. Once the weight of the body settles into what we refer to as Traditional Seating, direct pressure is applied to the spine which can affect ones health negatively and in many different ways which impact your drumming and spine health.

O.D.T's mission is to help combat the adverse effects of sitting by providing you with an affordable line of ergonomic seating products all custom made in the United States of America.