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Sabian 22" HH Crescent Hammertone Ride

Designed with veteran Jazz artist Jeff Hamilton ? renowned for a very musical cymbal sound ? the 22? Crescent Hammertone Ride is a versatile cymbal that provides both ride and crash properties ? a crucial consideration given that Jeff does not use a Crash cymbal in his standard set-up. The high profile and exaggerated bow curvature were achieved through extensive hand hammering, giving the Hammertone Ride the exact sound and profile desired by Hamilton. A special lathing technique results in tapered edges that provide controlled stick attack and warm spread when used as a Crash. Crafting a cymbal line for an uncompromising artist like Jeff Hamilton is not an easy process. Meticulous care was taken through each step of the manufacturing process and Jeff travelled to the SABIAN factory on multiple occasions to work with Vault craftsmen. The result is a flawless line of cymbals delivering uncompromising tone.