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Sabian 18" Artisan Traditional Sym Medium Heavy

SABIAN 18? Artisan Medium Heavy pairs respond quickly with rich, warm tone and clear articulation, making them ideal for playing rhythmic passages at soft to loud dynamic levels. SABIAN 18? Artisan Medium Heavy pairs are a very popular choice for playing orchestral excerpts and auditions. Inspired by leading percussionists looking to replace aging orchestral models, Artisan pairs improved upon original, century-old cymbals to become the benchmark by which all hand cymbals are measured. Available in Medium Light and Medium Heavy weights in sizes 16" through 20", SABIAN Artisan hand cymbals combine traditional high-density hand hammering with modern jumbo-peen dimpling on the underside to produce a design that is ideal for performing any repertoire. SABIAN Artisan Medium Light Artisan pairings respond quicker with a splashier quality and shorter sustain than Artisan Medium Heavy pairings.