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Sabian 20" HHX Synergy Medium Single

SABIAN 20? HHX Synergy Medium pairs feature large peen hammering and SABIAN "Touch Response" design, which greatly enhances projection and gives the HHX Synergy Series its rich sound. A professional level pairing, SABIAN 20? HHX Synergy Medium pairs are easy to play, making them ideal for players at all levels to perform any music from marching band to orchestral to concert band repertoire. 20? HHX Synergy Medium pairs speak quickly with a warm tone. They are ideal for soft to loud playing, and their rounded articulation makes them a great choice for marches and attached cymbal and bass drum, and they are popular for orchestral excerpts and auditions. Their projection and unique ability to both blend and cut through ensembles makes them exceptionally versatile. As a result, HHX Synergy pairs are popular with all genres of band and orchestral music and used in professional orchestras, collegiate marching bands, drum corps, WGI ensembles and high school concert bands, orchestras and marching bands.