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Dunnett 20" Res-O-Tone Powerstroke 3 Hazy Felt (Bass)

The Dunnett Res-O-Tone line includes two models of bass drum heads that have been selectively paired to provide a controlled, yet wide open sound.
The Res-O-Tone Powerstroke 3 Felt Tone Strip bass drum heads are intended for use on the resonant side of the bass drum, providing floating "gated" damping by way of the integrated felt strip.
This strip works in tandem with the dynamic movement of the head, giving the resonate side just the right amount of damping without muting the natural tone and of the drum.
• Exclusively made for Dunnett by Remo USA • Uncoated tympani film • Expanded tension latitude • Unique semi-transparent finish • Smart shipping using russian doll stacking and clear bags only • Made in USA • Sizes 18"-26" • 1 Ply thick